Form Destroyer 5

Bonnie Jones – “Body 3” – Vines (emr)

John Wiese – “Scorpion Immobilization Sleeve” – Seven Of Wands (Pan)

Thomas Dimuzio – “Daythe” – Markoff Process (RRR)

Family Battle Snake – “Untitled” – Optimistic Suburbia (Chocolate Monk)

Burning Star Core – “White Swords In A Black Castle” – White Swords In A Black Castle (Dronedisco)/Mes Soldats Stupides ’96-’04 (Cenotaph Audio)

Ashtray Navigations – “Who’s Been Rocking My Dream-Boat? (Pt. 2) – Who’s Been Rocking My Dream-Boat? (Less Than Zero; re-issue on Memoirs Of An Aesthete)

Grasshopper – “Zero Hour, 9 A.M.” – Goodnight Sweet Prince (Baked Tapes)

Emaciator – “Untitled” – Finality And Contradiction (Imminent Frequencies)

Vanessa Rossetto – “Swim Bladder” – Mineral Orange (Kye)

Hoor-paar-Kraat – “Neither The Beginning Nor The End” – The Trunk Remains Unmoved (Goat Eater Arts)

Zoviet France – “Untitled” – Mohnomishe (Red Rhino Records; re-issue on Charrm)

Donna Parker – “Beehive” – Debutante (Twisted Village)

MSHR – “World View” – Nesting Face (MSHR Media)