Programming Schedule

Live programming varies with the week of the month. Check the schedule to see when your favorite show airs live!

Pre-recorded programming includes past episodes of shows, past shows that we miss, podcasts (Reckonings, Esto No Es Radio, East Bay Yesterday) and syndicated shows, (Making Contact, Democracy Now, Outcasts Revisited).

Peralta Community Radio broadcasts out of Oakland, California everyday at 96.9fm, from 7:00 pm to 6:59 am, in accordance with our low-power FCC time share. We also operate a simul-cast on the internet, 24/7!

You may not be familiar with our way of scheduling, so check out the two grids below. Note! live programming always overrides pre-recorded streaming shows. So it’s unlikely you will hear Radio Azteka at 7:00pm on Thursdays, unless one of our live shows have cancelled for the evening. The images below are best view on a desktop computer—we’ll have mobile compatible schedules soon!

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Our programming is dynamic, so please check back every few months to learn about new or rescheduled shows! Or, sign up for our monthly newsletter…