Form Destroyer 38

Sickness – “Reverence, Dread And Awe” – The Scars Of Happiness/Always Numb (Circle Of Shit/9th Circle Music; re-issue on PACrec/Troniks)
Bastard Noise – “Asphalt Creature Sickness” – Sound Engine (PACrec/Troniks)
Stegm – “Untitled” – Grim Housekeeper (rundownsun)
Damion Romero – “Hollo” – It Gets Worse (Helicopter)
Eliane Radigue – “Adnos I” – Adnos I-III (Table Of The Elements/The Sandwalking Company; re-issue on Important Records)
Thomas Dimuzio – “Wet Willie” – Image Is Everything (Banned Production)
The Bark Haze – “Punchline I” – Total Joke Era (Important Records)
Loren MazzaCane Connors – “In A Street Full Of Rain” – split 7” with Roy Montgomery (Gyttja)/Night Through (Singles And Collected Works 1976 – 2004) (Family Vineyard)
Bill Orcutt – “History And Repetition” – VDSQ - Solo Acoustic Volume Ten (Vin Du Select Qualitite/Thin Wrist Recordings)
Derek Bailey – “Cue” – Domestic & Public Pieces – Solo Guitar Improvisations (1975-6) (Quark Records & Books; re-issue on Emanem)
Okkyung Lee – “Two” – I Saw The Ghost Of An Unknown Soul And It Said… (Ecstatic Peace!)
International Harvester – “How To Survive” – Sov Gott Rose-Marie (Love Records; re-issue on Silence)
Amon Düül – “Paramechanische Welt” – Paradieswärts Düül (Ohr; re-issue on Captain Trip Records)