Form Destroyer 39

Form Destroyer #39 (12/15/15):
Telecult Powers with Isa Christ – “Bonfare Atlantica” – Golden Abulis (Ghetto Naturalist Series)
Prick Decay – “Untitled” – Mud Sounds For Car Stereos (Pure/RRRecords)
Rubber O Cement – “MeTase Protein Levels Deepening With Amour” à “Structure Of The Protein, Shape Of The Heart” - Kaiser Langerhan's Hysterical Cytosine!! (Brutal Sound  Effects)
Paid In Puke – “Case In Point” – split with Buckets Of Bile (Speed Tapes)
Crank Sturgeon – “Fiebn Taca” à “Stseiztse Tehg Hej” – My Endangered Expressive Soil (self-released)
Panicsville – “Nihilist Youth Movement” – Perverse (Liquid Death/Hello Pussy Records)
Smell & Quim – “Untitled” – Recycled Music (RRRecords)
Pain Jerk – “Hello America (Excerpt)” – Live At No Fun Fest 2007 (No Fun Productions)
Potier. – “Styrene Migration” - Apparatus/Styrene Migration (Foxhole Atheism)
K2 & The Haters – “Blast” – Three Phenomena (Vinyl Communications)
The New Blockaders/Putrefier – “Fogli Abrasivi 2” -  Schleifmittelbögen (Birthbiter)
Penny Royale – “The Furrier’s Wife” – Black Widow And The Archivist (Ghetto Naturalist Series)
Double Leopards – “Chemical Wedding” – A Hole Is True (Troubleman Unlimited)