Form Destroyer 37

Trepaneringsritualen – “Castrate Christ” – Perfection & Permanence (Cold Spring Records)
SPK – “Suture Obsession” – Information Overload Unit (Side Effects; re-issue on Mute)
The Cathode Terror Secretion – “Purifier” – Spectre Of Historys Design (RRRecords)
Sewer Goddess – “Awaiting Identification” – Mutilation Process (Graceless Recordings)
Failing Lights – “Untitled” – Hunting Ethic (Gods Of Tundra)
Explosive Improvised Device – “Forest Of Disappearing Boys” – Machete And Fire (Hospital Productions)
Black Dice – “Trip Dude Delay” – Miles Of Smiles (DFA Records)
Lea Bertucci – “Harmonic Rising” – v/a: Magnetic Detrius (Imminent Frequencies)
Dog Lady Island – “Untitled” – Dolor Aria (Alien Passengers)
Graveyards – “Untitled” – Fryday Night At The Hideout (Tapeworm Tapes)
Idea Fire Company – “Lost At Sea I” – Lost At Sea (Recital)
Jenny Graf – “Untitled” – split with Zaimph (Utmarken)
Forcefield – “Untitled” – Lord Of The Rings Modulator (Bulb Records)
Mouthus – “Untitled” – Untitled (No Fun Productions)
Fluorescent Vibes – “Untitled” – The Weight Of The Clouds (Baked Tapes)