Form Destroyer 36

Caldera Lakes – “Untitled” – Live At Odgen Theater (DOKURO)
Pseudo Code – “Fascination” – Remains To Be Heard Vol. 1 (Insane Music; re-issue on EE Tapes)
Deviation Social – “All Men Of Lidice” – v/a: Vita Nova International (Vita Nova)/ Compilation Tracks 1982-85 "From End To Beginning" Vol. 1 (Dais Records)
Hunting Lodge – “Will” – Will (S/M Operations; re-issue on Dais Records)
Einsturzende Neubauten – “Tanz Debil” – Kollaps (Zickzack; re-issue on Potomak)
Prurient – “Back Cuts” – Black Vase (Load Records)
Shallow Waters – “Let’s Eat” – IV (self-released)
Controlled Bleeding – “Dry Lung” – Shanked And Slithering (Hospital Productions)
Ramleh – “Emaciator” – Onslaught (Iphar)/Awake! (Broken Flag; re-issue on Harbinger Sound)
Mauthausen Orchestra – “Untitled” – Conflict (Aquilifer Society; re-issue on Urashima)
Atrax Morgue – “Nekroskopik Examination” – Black Slaughter (Slaughter Productions; re-issue on Urashima)
AMK – “Residue” – Residue/Scrape (Kinky Music Institute; re-issue on Palemoon Productions/Whiteness And Pinkness)
Carlos Giffoni – “Untitled” – Zamuro (Important Records)
Bob Bellerue – “Live from Phi Phenomena 9/17/11, El Dirt” – Fine Phenomena (Robert & Leopold)
Collapsed Arc – “Man Made Diamond” – In Cursive (Imminent Frequencies)