Form Destroyer 3

Joe Colley – “(Reconciliation Of) Twin Interference Channels” – Triptych For Paranoia Calibration (Banned Production)/ANTHEM (Misanthropic Agenda)

Witchbeam – “Let Go!” – Shadow Musick Vol. 1 (Tranquility Tapes)

Conrad Schnitzler – “Die Rebellen Haben Sich In Den Bergen Versteckt” – Blau (self-released; re-issue on Bureau B)

Can’t – “Hindenburg vs. Titanic” – Prepares To Fail Again (IRFP)

Demons – “Frozen Fog” – Frozen Fog (AA Records)

Severed Heads – “All Rights Reserved” – Ear Bitten/No Vowels, No Bowels (split LP with Rhythmyx Chymx) (Terse Tapes)/Adenoids 1977-1985 (Vinyl-On-Demand; re-issue on Sevcom)

Esplendor Geometrico – “La Ciudad de los Heroes Rojos” – EG-1 (self-released; re-issue on Geometrik Records)

SPK – “Berufsverbot” – Information Overload Unit (Side Effects; re-issue on Mute)

Enema Syringe – “No Brain No Mind” – Ger Dig Bilder Pa P & Pk (White Fire Records; re-issue on Abisko)

Brighter Death Now – “Payday” – May All Be Dead (Cold Meat Industry)

Pharmakon – “Ache” – Abandon (Sacred Bones Records)

Alberich – “Open Warfare” – Of Man, Of Genius (Hospital

Productions)/Machine Gun Nest: Cassette Works, Vol. 0 (Hospital Productions)

SIXES – “Untitled” – Slit Ritual (IDES Recordings)

Chop Shop – “Rusty Hum” – Rusty Hum (Banned Production)

The Haters – “Noise As The Blank Banner Of An Untitled Ideology” – Blank Banner (We Never Sleep)

16 Bitch Pile-Up – “The Hairless Whisperer” – The Hairless Whisperer (American Tapes)