Form Destroyer 10


Relay For Death – “Sleep” – They Are Heating Up The Ovens Get The Fuck Out Now (No Rent Records; re-issue on Alarm)

Sissy Spacek – “Grisp” – Grisp (Chondritic Sound)

The New Blockaders – “Untitled” – First Live Performance Morden Tower, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 8th. June, 1983 (Vinyl-on-demand)

Nautical Almanac – “Elysium Solarium” – split with Vertonen (Crippled Intellect Productions/Scratch And Sniff Entertainment)

Wolf Eyes & Merzbow – “Untitled” – Live Frying (American Tapes)

Developer – “Untitled” – CFYRT04 (Copy For Your Records)

Illusion Of Safety – “Repairs” – Repairs (Sound Of Pig; re-issue on Notice Recordings)

Putrefier – “Untitled” – Cog Dominance (Broken Flag; re-issue on Industrial Recollections)

NON – “Only One” – Blood & Flame (Mute)

M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi) – “Untitled” – Cold Tape (YHR Tapes)/The A.C.V.I. Tapes (menstrualrecordings)

Ames Sanglantes – “On The Discovery Of Truth” – split with Alberich (Hospital Productions)

Virile Games – “Firmament” – Wounded Laurel (Hospital Productions)

Lussuria – “La Verita Comincia Dalle Bugie” – The Truth Begins In Lies (Hospital Productions)

Brian Eno – “The Lost Day” – Ambient 4: On Land (Editions EG; re-issue on Virgin/Astralwerks)