Form Destroyer 11


Sickness – “An Unmagnificent Life” – Purgatory (Ninth Circle Music)
Kevin Drumm – “Untitled” – Land Of Lurches (Hanson Records) 
Sewer Election – “Untitled” – Raset (Utmarken) 
Kevin Shields (Eva Aguila) – “Children’s Court” – Human Wider Experience (tanzprocesz)
2673 – “Untitled” – split with The Cherry Point (Kitty Play Records)
Locrian – “Between Barrows” – Territories (BloodLust!)
Deutsch Nepal – “Surgery II” – Erosion (Staalplaat) 
Zoviet France - “Come To The Edge” – Shouting At The Ground (Red Rhino Records; re-issue on Charrm Limited) 
Vanessa Rossetto – “NOS” – PDD-NOS (Period Tapes)
Pedestrian Deposit – “Refuge” – Natural Causes (A Dear Girl Called Wendy) 
Idea Fire Company & BRRR – “The Terrible Comet Salt” – The Terrible Comet Salt (Recital) 
Aaron Dilloway – “Look Over Your Shoulder” – Modern Jester (Hanson Records)