Form Destroyer 9


Bill Orcutt -  “Untitled” – Way Down South (Palilalia Records)

Robert Ashley – “Automatic Writing” – Automatic Writing (Lovely Music, Ltd.)

Keith Rowe/Toshimaru Nakamura – “Untitled” – ErstLive 008 (Erstwhile Records)

Greg Kelley – “One Hour As…”– One Hour As Something That Didn’t Turn Out The Way I Intended It To (I’m Not Anti-Music, Music’s Anti-Me) (Chocolate Monk)

Pelt – “Untitled” – Heraldic Beasts (Eclipse Records)

Rambutan – “Untitled” – Pyramid For The Blind (Tape Drift Records)

Hototogisu – “III” – Prayer Rug Exorcism (Heavy Blossom)

Work/Death – “Untitled” – Mulberries Ripen And Rot (Three Songs Of Lenin)

Hijokaidan – “Before The Heat” – Limited Edition (Alchemy Records)/Unlimited Edition (Alchemy Records)

C.C.C.C. – “Loud Sounds Dopa Part 1” – Loud Sounds Dopa/Live In U.S.A. (Endorphine Factory)

Zeena Parkins – “Incident In A Department Store” – Something Out There (No Man’s Land)