Radio Final Projects With ESOL 232 Intermediate Listening and Speaking

Group 1: Travel Tips
Ellen Lan, Jinsil Noh, Oahn Trinh, Anna Nguyen and Ngu Nguyen discuss some of their favorite places to travel in Asia.


Group 2: Places to Relax in the Bay Area
Woonlum Jang, Ying Liu, Jenny Wu and Tracy Liang share their favorite places to relax in the Bay Area.


Group 3: Thoughts on Happiness
Luna Lieu, Thao Nguyen, Haley Lan, Mika Feng and Ivy Lin ruminate on the meaning of happiness after watching the documentary "Happy" by Roko Belic.


Group 4: Tang Poetry
Yuji Wang, Kui Liu, and Xianxi Luo talk about the cultural significance of Tang Poetry and recite a few of their favorite poems in both Chinese and English.


Group 5: Musings on Happiness
Yijiao Xiao, Weiming Cai, Maggie Chen, and Jamie Ou share their perspectives on happiness.


Group 6: Traditional Foods
Lin Oo, Crystal Duong, Mandy Zhang and Carolina Arriola- Cordova tell us about their traditional foods in El Salvador, Burma, China and Vietnam. They also offer some tips for healthy eating.


Group 7: Life in the Bay
Jimmy Han, Shir Shah, Carrie Zhen, Meijuan Li, and Uan Le discuss some of the challenges and highlights of living in the Bay Area.


Group 8: Technology's Effect Around the World
Sameera Fnu, Faten Alareqi, Allen Xia and Setare Sadjadi discuss how technology affects lives around the world and in the United States.