Global Voices, Local Stories: Radio Project for ESOL 50

Group 1: Family Ties

Bizi Makonnen, Arch Huang, An Thi Thai

Bizi, Arch, and An share stories of being a parent and being a child. Their stories capture the joy and challenges of family bonds.


Group 2: Love and Adventures

Victoria Mogni and Minami Sugawara

Victoria took the plunge to live in a new country, and future teacher Minami explores what it means to be an educator.


Group 3: Travel

Zhenya Glazyrina, Natalia Diminscaia, Magaly Badan

Travel brings new experiences and also new challenges. Zhenya, Natalia, and Magaly share their travel experiences of trekking in the Himalayas, discovering Moscow for the first time, and being living with a US family as an au pair.


group 4 meimi peter clarissa.png

Group 4: Cultural Differences

Clarissa Branco, Meimi Niida, Peter Hein

Cultural differences within

Clarissa, Meimi, and Peter explain how growing up in three very different places led them to  discover and embrace cultural differences.

Group 5: Trip of a Lifetime

Mike Hillany, Aysun Ozkose

What is the trip of a lifetime? For Mike, it’s a cruise to Egypt and for Aysun it’s the chance to discover Americana through the humble thrift shop and yard sale.


Group 6: Surprising Combinations

Engin Tekin, Patricia Mozetic, Babak Behziz

What happens when you bring together water guns and faith, students and seniors, or ancient Iranians and gender equality? Engin, Patricia, and Babak explain.


Group 7: Study Abroad, take 2

Jules Lee

Jules lost her first opportunity to study abroad, so now she’s taking advantage of her second.