Mission Crit organizers Clare Prowse and #JamesGrady

James and Clare took time out of their super busy schedule, on a work night, no less, to come onto Oakland Bikes and talk about the 5th annual Mission Crit Bike Race. Tune and get pumped for this super rad and unique Bay Area standard.  Fixie month is about to be upon us. I hope y'all have been training your legs and livers. April 21st at 17th & Harrison is the place to be. Visit the website for the day's race schedule. Also, PS, I'll be announcing the race alongside seasoned bike racer, Adam Naguib! Shit's gonna be hilarious, te promiso, homey.

The epic battle for third between Sydney Richardson and Veronika Volok and the upset solo win by Cesar Valenzuela (pictured in the thumbnail above) marked high moments of the final races last year. Don't make the mistake of missing this year's event--which is sure to top last years excitement. I'm getting chills just thinking about it.




Saturday April 7, 3:30pm. The Red Shade, A Trans-Superhero Rock Opera. SF.

Sunday April 8, Laney College Carnaval. Oakland.

Amy Moor, NCNCA Board Member and Badass Bike Racer!

Click through the image for more photos!

Amy Moor and I sit down to talk about bike racing in the NCNCA and how to get more women into bike racing. Pro tip, go ride bikes with your friends and then invite them to more rides and then tell them that if they ride fast enough, the world will be theirs and theirs alone!

Or, they can check out the NCNCA website and find a local team. Also, this website is semi-helpful, USA Cycling. Amy races with SheSpoke and loves it but there are tons more women's teams, all with a different vibe, flava and fit, for your pleasure.



Friday Mar 16 - Mar 25, Tall Ships at Jack London Square!, Oakland.

Friday Mar 23, 2PM, OPL: Fix and Decorate Your Bike!, OPL 81st Ave Branch, Oakland.

Saturday Mar 24, 12PM, Bicis del Pueblo, Convivio de Bicicletas, SF Community School, SF.

Saturday Mar 24 - Aug 12, RESPECT: Hip Hop Style & Wisdom, OMCA, Oakland.

Sunday Mar 25, 10am, Rhythm Bikes Demo Day, Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland.

Wednesday Mar 28. 6PM, Richmond Comp Fundraiser, Singletrack High Movie Showing, Clif HQ, Emeryville.

Saturday Mar 31. 7PM, Da Art of Bicycling-Outkast Bike Ride, Mission Dolores Park, SF. 



Richmond Composite High School Mountain Bike Team


Richmond Comp'

Student-athlete Sergio, Coach Tara and Coach Doug talk about the joys of mountain biking as they embark upon their inaugural year as a part of the NorCal High School Mountain Biking League or "the league" as it is often referred to. 

Currently Richmond Composite is fundraising for their team via this GoFundMe website: https://www.gofundme.com/richmondcomp . You can learn more about their team and how to get involved at their website, https://www.richmondcomposite.com/being-on-the-team/ . Follow their Insta for hilarious and awesome photos of kids having a great time riding mountain bikes in the East Bay and beyond.


Happy New Year and Black History Month!






Christina Peck and Diagonal Mints!


Check out Diagonal Mint's bandcamp page below and learn more about their upcoming shows in San Francisco at The Hemlock Tavern and El Rio!



The Hemlock! (November 4)


El Rio! (November 30)