Mission Crit organizers Clare Prowse and #JamesGrady

James and Clare took time out of their super busy schedule, on a work night, no less, to come onto Oakland Bikes and talk about the 5th annual Mission Crit Bike Race. Tune and get pumped for this super rad and unique Bay Area standard.  Fixie month is about to be upon us. I hope y'all have been training your legs and livers. April 21st at 17th & Harrison is the place to be. Visit the website for the day's race schedule. Also, PS, I'll be announcing the race alongside seasoned bike racer, Adam Naguib! Shit's gonna be hilarious, te promiso, homey.

The epic battle for third between Sydney Richardson and Veronika Volok and the upset solo win by Cesar Valenzuela (pictured in the thumbnail above) marked high moments of the final races last year. Don't make the mistake of missing this year's event--which is sure to top last years excitement. I'm getting chills just thinking about it.




Saturday April 7, 3:30pm. The Red Shade, A Trans-Superhero Rock Opera. SF.

Sunday April 8, Laney College Carnaval. Oakland.