In Tents #2


0        Arthur Doyle African Love Call

2.08  Amon Duul II- Dreams

6.03  Cabaret Voltaire -Kino 

13.50Jeff Mills- Twilight 

18.10Burger/Voigt- RoterPlatz

24.52Surgon Remix 

28.37Millton Bradley

34.25   Dynamix II- Bass Generator 

39.47  Rock & FIzz- & It's Bass

44.15  DJ Elephant Power- Electric Rainbow

48.48  SteveDood- Tr 727 

52.40  A Magic Whistle- PT. 1

1.09.06 La Dusseldorf- White overalls 

1.11.11 Bo Didiley- I Dont like you 

1.13.55 Los Angles Negros- Y Volver 

1.17.45 Toots & the Maytals- Country roads take me home 

1.21.00 Churchical Chants of the Nyabingi- Stay cool Babylon 

1.25.00Nicodimus- Scorpion sting my Granny

1.30.09Black Ururu_ Happiness 

1.34.27Ocho II- Foolin

1.40.30Philip Glass- Rubric 

1.44.20Vangelis- End Blade runner credits 

1.48.10Growing- Swell