In Tents #1

0  Vangelis- Pulstar
05.14  Wolfgang Voigt – Kammer
10.20  Anthony Rother- Sex with the Machines
16.47  Pan Sonic- Vapina
21.45  Matthew Herbert- The Life of an Industrialized Chicken
26.31  Giorgio Gigli- Spazio
33.20  Alien Rain V (Milton Bradley)- 5A
39.40  APX-  Run the Place Red (Bug Remix)
44.35  MochiPet- Dobro
48.29  T. Raumschmiere- Bolzplatz EP -Untitled Track
54.15  Thug Entrancer- V
61.25  V/VM- Hellphex Twin 1.0
65.30  John Carpenter- Halloween Theme
69.32  John Williams- Close Encounters of the Third Kind (discomix)
72.30  Silentest- Paralytic
76.45  Heavy Times- Electronic Cigarette
78.50  Bobby Brown- Waterfall of Love
87.44  Sic Alps- When You Tell It
90.04  David Peel and the Lower East Side- Bawling in the Bathroom
96.02  Growing- Anaheim II
102.00Klaus Schultz- Star Dancer II