Form Destroyer 33

Klinik – “Sick In Your Mind” – Bruxelles, Halles Scherbeek 30/5/87 (not on label)
Witches Of Malibu – “Breaking The Normals” – Witches Of Malibu (Kitty Play Records)
Skullflower – “Nailed To The Stars” – Pure Imperial Reform (Turgid Animal Records)
Yellow Swans – “Untitled” – Live During War Crimes #3 (Release The Bats)
Fennesz – “Saffron Revolution” – Black Sea (Touch)
Fripp & Eno – “Evening Star” – Evening Star (Island Records; re-issue on Opal/Discipline Global Mobile)
Grisha Shakhnes – “Counterpoint” – All This Trouble For Nothing (Glistening Examples)
Olivia Block – “Aberration Of Light” – Aberration Of Light (NNA Tapes)
Chris Brown – “Insect Love” – Master Switch: Electroacoustic Music 1978-81 (Insignificant Records)
Christina Kubisch – “Magnetic Flights” – Magnetic Flights (Important Records)
Marcus Schmickler – “Palace Of Marvels” – Palace Of Marvels (Queered Pitch) (Editions Mego)
Andrew Kirschner – “I Will See You Again” – Lil Mac (White Reeves Productions)