Form Destroyer 34


Le Syndicat – “Dead Vulva” – v/a: Sexorama Vol. 3 (ZSF Produkt)/Timespace Losses 1982/1987 (Monochrome Vision)
Factrix & Monte Cazazza – “Final Days” – California Babylon (Subterranean Records; re-issue on Superior Viaduct)
Âmes Sanglantes – “Five Closed Gates” – Chindia Tower Impalements (Hospital Productions)
Brighter Death Now – “No Pain” – Innerwar (Cold Meat Industry/Release Entertainment)
Con-Dom – “Get Right With God I” – Have Faith (split with Nails Of Christ with AMK) (Broken Flag)/Have Complete Faith (Unrest Productions)
Halflings – “Peepholes II/Gut” - Live In Lowell (Collapsed Hole)
Incapacitants – “Necrosis” – As Loud As Possible (Zabriskie Point)
Throbbing Gristle – “Slam” – Dimensia In Excelsis (Tesco Organisation/Dossier)
Cabaret Voltaire – “Heaven And Hell” – Mix Up (Rough Trade; re-issue on Mute)
Severed Heads – “Lower Than The Grave” – Blubberknife (Terse Tapes; re-issue on Sevcom)
Lussuria – “Mondala (The Smell Of Power)” – Scarlet Locust Of These Columns (Hospital Productions)
Pharmakon – “Intent Or Instinct” – Bestial Burden (Sacred Bones Records)
Crown Of Cerberus – “Untitled” – As She Wipes The Blood Away From My Dying Hand (Crown Tapes)