Form Destroyer 19


A Handful Of Dust – “He Who Eats The Maggots Of The Palmtree” – From A Soundtrack To The Anabase Of St-John Perse (Corpus Hermeticum; re-issue on Imminent Frequencies) 
Richard Youngs – “Part III” – Advent (No Fans Records; re-issue on Table Of The Elements)
Marcus Schmickler/Hayden Chisholm – “Amazing Daze (for Phill Niblock)” – Amazing Daze (Hapna)
Charlemagne Palestine – “Schlingen-Blangen” – Schlingen-Blangen (New World Records)
La Monte Young & The Theatre Of Eternal Music – “Raag Bhairava (Excerpt)” – Raag Bhairava (no label)
Vibracathedral Orchestra – “The Least Painful Earrings” – Versatile Arab Chord Chart (VHF Records)
Fursaxa – “Tyranny” – The Cult From Moon Mountain (Sylph)/Amulet (Last Visible Dog)
Alan Licht – “All Blues (For Phill Niblock And James McNew)” – Rabbi Sky (Siltbreeze)
Two Years On Welfare – “Receiver” – Receiver (Ranky Tanky)
Keiji Haino – “Affection” – Affection (P.S.F. Records)
Roy Montgomery – “Pressed Bloom” – split with Grouper (self-released)