Bassline Mantras Ep.74


Get ready! Bassline Mantras episode 74 is coming your way. I've prepped a very emotionally potent mix of 140bpm tunes that i would love for you to hear. I will be mixing all the way through this one so don't miss a beat. Selections will include works by Asa, Dillard, C̡̛ļea̵ŗļįgh̛t̀..∵̸, Adi Dick, upsammy, D-OPERATION DROP, Chad Dubz, Congi, Akcept, DMVU, Gantz, Gaze ill, Preacha, Mystic State, sega bodega and many more.
Tune in from 9-10:50pm[pst] on KGPC, Peralta Community Radio or 96.9FM in Oakland☯️

Bassline Mantras Ep. 73

Bassline Mantras Episode 73 is locked and loaded to air live tonight on KGPC, Peralta Community Radio. I have put together a very good mix of ambient and abstract beats for this evenings show. Selections will include tracks by Basic Rhythm, Kahn, Slugabed, SYNKRO, Holly Herndon, Yosi Horikawa, Art Crime, Regular Citizen, Tim Hecker, MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO (official), Bogdan Raczynski, Burial, Lomea, upsammy, DBridge, Tsuruda, Sorrow, Occult Music, Audialist, Coco Bryce, Silk Road Assassins and many more.
Tune in from 9:00 - 10:50pm[pst]
online at or 96.9FM or your radio dial

Bassline Mantras Ep. 72


TONIGHT! Bassline Mantras is back! After over a month long hiatus, I am very excited to be back in the KGPC, Peralta Community Radio studio to bring you episode 72. I've got a very beautiful and eclectic mix of 130 and 90 bpm beats planned for this evenings show. I will be including tracks by Laurence Pike, Calum Bowen, Manuel Fischer, Four Tet, Burial, Mesak, Foreign Sequence, Shedbug, Benny ill, Daria Lourd, Addison Groove, Mr. Oizo, George FitzGerald, SHYGIRL, Pheeyownah, Toby Gale, AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE, Loscil and many more.
Tune in from 9:00-10:50pm[pst] online at or 96.9FM in Oakland on your radio dial. 🆒

Bassline Mantras Ep. 71


Tonight, Bassline Mantras episode 71 airs live on KGPC, Peralta Community Radio. I'm going in on the deep 170bpm sub shakers and its going to be a very good one! I have included tracks by Kromestar, Hatti Vatti, Mitekiss, Fushara, Mark Kloud, Overlook, Distance, DBridge, Agzilla, Om Unit, Kid Drama, Bogdan Raczynski, Machinedrum, Sam KDC, Singe and lots more!
Tune in from 9:00-10:50pm online at or 96.9FM in Oakland,CA.👨‍🚀

Bassline Mantras Ep. 70


Bassline Mantras episode 70 is set to air live tonight on the one and only KGPC, Peralta Community Radio. I put together a very nice mix of 140bpm goodness for this evenings show. Submotion Orchestra, Stumbleine, Geode, Von D, K Man, Freud, Subtle Mind, Kaiju, TMSV, Chad Dubz, Rowl, Hatti Vatti and many more locked and loaded.
Tune in from 9:00-11:00pm[pst]
Online at or 96.9FM in Oakland. ☯️

Bassline Mantras #61


Bassline Mantras Episode 61 is set to air live tonight from 9-11pm[pst] on KGPC, Peralta Community Radio 96.9FM. I have a very nice mix prepped for this evenings show and I can't wait to play it for you. Track selections include work by Tim Parker, Proc Fiskal, SØL, EVA808, LSN, Opus, Boofy, DJ Spooky, Joker - Official, Cam Lasky, Alix Perez, Arcatype, Hidden Aspect, Goth-Trad Music official, Reso, Author (official), Kodiak Tension, Etherwood and lots more.
Tune in online at or 96.9FM in Oakland