Bassline Mantras Ep.74


Get ready! Bassline Mantras episode 74 is coming your way. I've prepped a very emotionally potent mix of 140bpm tunes that i would love for you to hear. I will be mixing all the way through this one so don't miss a beat. Selections will include works by Asa, Dillard, C̡̛ļea̵ŗļįgh̛t̀..∵̸, Adi Dick, upsammy, D-OPERATION DROP, Chad Dubz, Congi, Akcept, DMVU, Gantz, Gaze ill, Preacha, Mystic State, sega bodega and many more.
Tune in from 9-10:50pm[pst] on KGPC, Peralta Community Radio or 96.9FM in Oakland☯️