Episode #100 part 3

Neil Young - Till the Morning Comes
The Caretaker - The great hidden sea of the unconscious
Diane Cluck - Maybe a Bird
U.S. Girls - Sororal Feelings
Diane Cluck - Not Afraid to Be Kind
Sibylle Baier - Remember the Day
Julia Holter - Silhouette
Laurel Halo - Sunlight on the Faded
Gétatchèw Kassa - Tezeta, slow
Arthur Russell - I Couldn't Say it To Your Face
Bill Callahan - The Wind and the Dove
Clarence "Tom" Ashley - The Coo Coo Bird
Magik Markers - Four/The Ballad of Harry Andstrom
A Silver Mt. Zion - Movie (Never Made)
Colin McPhee & Benjamin Britten, duo pianists - Tabu Telu
White Magic - Out Beyond the Moon
Department of Eagles - What Is Your Deal (live)
Elizabeth Cotten - Oh, Babe It Ain't No Lie
? - Tezeta
Arthur Russell - This Is How We Walk On The Moon
Animal Collective - College
Karen Dalton - Katie Cruel
Broadcast - Echo's Answer (live)
Michael Jessett, Michael Cole & Rick Jones - Drawing on Stones
Mississippi John Hurt - Spike Driver Blues
The Mighty Pioneers - Tell It Like It Is
James Blake - We Might Feel Unsound
Actress - Uriel's Black Harp
Joanna Newsom - Jackrabbits
Josephine Foster - John Ave. Seen From The Gray Train
Blind Lemon Jefferson - Jack 'O Diamond Blues
Blanch Blanche Blanche - Runny Day