Episode #86

Howard Nishioka – Incresha

Julia Holter – World

Unknown Artist – The Children’s Hour

Michael Karoli / Polly Eltes – Yours & Mine

Breather – Watching You Grow, Bury the Mystique

Samantha Glass – A Push Towards the Future

S Olbricht – Lacertid (feat. Imre Kiss)

M.E.S.H. – The Black Pill

Sarah Hopkins & Alan Lamb – New Journey

Tom Newman – Aillen Mac Midna

Add4 - 늦은면 큰일나요

Margaret Rebar - Sonata for a Spring Afternoon

Huerco S. – Rushing to Paradise

Fenn O’Berg – Omuta Elegy

? - 02 Voice From The Loudspeaker (English version)

Blackouts – Young Man

Toni Esposito – Processione Sul Mare

The Future – Dada Dada Duchamp Vortex

IK Blues – Let’s Have Healthy Children

Barbecue Bob – Going up the Country

Jorge Reyes – En el fondo del barranco.. Pt.

Achwghâ Ney Wodeï – Choelir Nereides Free Razz

Folie Coche – Liberals



Joanne Robertson – Halls

Lightning Strike Lightning – Mount Analogue I

Patrice Ilunga & Victor Misomba – Mama Josephina (Congo)

Pink Floyd - Oenone