Ep. 10: You working for somebody else

In the season Finale of the "The GhettoSun Times" Roger Porter explains why he thinks the Bay Area is hella racist and has a conversation with entrepreneur Justin Ford. Justin speaks on the birth of his clothing brand Oakland's Own, as well as the importance of going into business for yourself. He also surprises Roger with his performance on an Oakland music quiz. Check it out


Ep. 5: The Prison, The Block, and The Dead

Roger flips through the GhettosunTimes and weighs in on the Bill Cosby conviction and the release of Meek Mill. Then poet/actor/activist/rapper/writer Donte Clark blesses us with his perspective on what the black community needs, how poetry saved his life, and what it was like to work alongside Mahershala Ali in the 2016 film "Kicks." 

 Photo: @donblak

Photo: @donblak