Pitch Your Radio Show Idea!

Make Radio at KGPC-LP, Oakland

The Fall pitch window opens soon!

The KGPC Fall pitch window will be open starting June 1 until July 31st, 2019.

Have you been wanting to host your very own radio show or find a radio home for your podcast? Well then, huzzah for you! KGPC’s pitch window is opening soon!

We review and add shows to our schedule twice a year--in the Spring and Fall. During this time we prioritize reviewing and responding to all show ideas that are pitched.

In August, we’ll meet with folks who have submitted show ideas that we want to know more about and then settle on the number of shows to add to the Fall schedule. We’ll train folks on how to use the equipment and advise on station and FCC regulations including profanity, obscenity, payola, plugola, calls to action and sponsorship/underwriting.

Our aim is to begin airing new shows in September. You don't have to start in September if you still need time to figure out your logistics but we expect that your show will start sometime between September 1st and October 31st, 2019. Of course, you can pitch KGPC any time you want by filling out the submission form here. But after July 31, 2019, we won’t be considering shows again until Spring 2020.

What is KGPC? We are Peralta Community Radio, a low-power FM station, currently on a broadcasting time share with two other organizations. Read more about us here. All of our shows are volunteer produced. KGPC is unable to pay for content at this time.

So, what are we looking for? We preference live in-studio shows and welcome local podcast pitches too. If you are pitching a podcast we require that you produce, edit and mix your own show. We currently have limited capacity to engineer and edit podcasts, though we hope to expand this offering in the future. We welcome all ideas and submissions but unfortunately, we are not a place to elevate your brand, business, or musical venture--basically anything that generates cash for you. We don't allow shows that are marketing or advertising arms of established or future businesses.

Making radio at KGPC is a great way to get involved with your community and learn the basics of radio broadcasting. If you are interested in learning about radio, have ever dreamed of hosting a radio show, or have an amazing concept for a radio show—KGPC is a really cool place to start.

Show submissions should be made using the form we have here. If you are unable to load the form for any reason, you can copy and paste the questions below into an email, answer them, and then email us the questions and answers to kgpc969 [at] gmail [dot] com:

  • What’s your name and email?

  • Tell us about yourself! What's your background?

  • What kind of show are you interested in doing? A live music or talk show?  Any theme or genre? Or maybe you're interested in some sort of a not-live, more podcast-esque show?

  • In what language(s) will your show be spoken?

  • How do you imagine promoting your show?

  • Is your show filling a niche that you think KGPC is missing? Or maybe you imagine it going nicely alongside another show we have?

  • Any info that just helps us get a general idea of what you want your show to be.

  • Are you a Peralta Student/Faculty/Lecturer/Staff?

  • Are you an East Bay resident?

Remember! Our submission deadline is July 31, 2019, 11:59pm PST.

If you have any other questions, please email us at kgpc969 [at] gmail [dot] com. We look forward to reviewing your show ideas!