Write a Thank You Email!

Write the Chancellor and Board of Trustees a Thank You Letter!

Chancellor Laguerre assured us at last week's board meeting on June 12th, that he was not making cuts to the radio station and that contractors would have their contracts signed for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

Check out the highlights in this video clip one of our DJ's made! You can see the full meeting here: https://youtu.be/AiqpZ2HBPWg


Please join us in writing the chancellor and the board of trustees, a thank you letter! Express your deep gratitude to them for preserving a true community and student resource that took 10 years to secure and could be lost forever. Let the board know that you appreciate their leadership in ensuring that KGPC-LP remains on the airwaves! Additionally, remind Chancellor Laguerre that it is important he keep his word to meet with the KGPC-LP co-directors to sign their contracts in time to keep the radio station running into the new fiscal year.

Send them an email this week and tell the Board of Trustees and chancellor that you look forward to seeing the radio contracts on the June 26th board meeting next week!

In community,

Co-Directors, Peralta Community Radio Station