Form Destroyer 41

Form Destroyer #41 (2/2/16):

David Bowie – “Weeping Wall” – Low (RCA; re-issue on Virgin)

Klaus Schulze – “Totem” – Picture Music (Brain; re-issue on Revisited Rec.)

Laurie Spiegel – “The Expanding Universe” – The Expanding Universe (Philo; re-issue on Unseen Worlds)

Phill Niblock – “Early Winter” – Music By Phill Niblock (Experimental Intermedia Foundation)

Ellen Fullman – “Swingen” – The Long String Instrument (Apollo Records; re-issue on Superior Viaduct)

Id M Theft Able – “Standish” – Blue Jay (White Tapes)

Evil Moisture – “Lips, Lungs , Legs & Leeches/Paste Sharpener/Hom Butt Yam/Hard (Tamp) On/Periods Curdle Mayonaise/Lap Cunter” – Yerm Flowers (School Of Cutting Meat)/Amanita Burger (Tochnit Aleph)

Gastric Female Reflex – “Live In Zurich” – split with 16 Bitch Pile-Up (Wintage Records & Tapes)

Smegma/Carlos Giffoni/Metalux – “Untitled” – Smegma/Carlos Giffoni/Metalux (No Fun Productions/Los Angeles Free Music Society)

Government Alpha – “Untitled” – Subtle Drugs (Neon Blossom Records)