Form Destroyer 49

Form Destroyer #49 (10/4/16):

Z’EV – “Anubis Ah’ Soul” – Schönste Muziek (Dossier)/The Dossier Years (Klanggalerie)

Fushitsusha – “Magic V” – Allegorical Misunderstanding (Avant)

The Nihilist Spasm Band – “Elsinore” – Vol. 2 (Music Gallery Editions; re-issue on Alchemy Records)

Can – “Aumgn” – Tago Mago (United Artists Records; re-issue on Mute/Spoon Records)

This Heat – “Horizontal Hold” – Made Available: John Peel Sessions (These Records; re-issue on This Is)

Love Cry Want – “The Great Medicine Dance” – Love Cry Want (New Jazz; re-issue on Weird Forest Records)

Last Exit – “Sore Titties” – Cassette Recordings 87 (Enemy Records)

Pharmakon – “Mounds Of Flesh, Cavern Of Fluids” – Inside And Out (split with Hands Rendered Useless and Throat) (Callow God)/Pharmakon (BloodLust!)

Koufar – “Glory” – Glory/Snobbery (Crown Tapes)

Cadaver In Drag – “Breathing Sewage” – Breathing Sewage (Animal Disguise)/Abuse-Breathing Sewage (BloodLust!)

Mauthausen Orchestra – “Untitled” – Anal Perversions (Aquilifer Sodality; re-issue on Urashima)

Âmes Sanglantes – “The Holy One Of God” – Have You Come Here To Torment Us Before The Time? (Robert & Leopold)

Amps For Christ/Witches Of Malibu – “Part 3” – Indian Hill (Kitty Play Records)