Form Destroyer 30

Pod Blotz – “Die And Come Alive” – Glass Tears (Clandestine Records)
C.C.C.C. – “Sonic Machine” – Cosmic Coincidence Control Center (Endorphine Factory)
The Rita – “Untitled” – Gamzatti (Total Black)
Viodre – “Sons’ Banner” – Interpol Alchemi (Hospital Productions)
Emil Beaulieau – “Untitled” – Anti-Performance (RRRecords)
The Gerogerigegege – “Ai-Jin” – Ai-Jin (Vis A Vis Audio Arts)/Singles 1985-1993 (Work In Progress)
Smell & Quim – “Faeces Donor (Kebab)” – Retract Your Balls It’s Smell & Quim (Banned Production)
AMM – “After Rapidly Circling The Plaza” – AMMMusic (Elektra; re-issue on ReR Megacorp/Matchless Recordings)
The Dead C – “Pussyfooting” – The Dead C (Language Recordings)
Blood Stereo – “Live, Brighton” – Enfold The Hiss (Chocolate Monk)
Mlehst – “Opposites Meeting” – This Pain Does Not Belong To Me (Self Abuse Records)