Form Destroyer 13

Embarker – “Ars Nova Sweat Shop” – Embarker (Malleable Records)

Sewer Election – “Rural Medicine” – Ljungarum Blues (Chondritic Sound)/Ljungarum Blues & An Ode To Reality (Chondritic Sound)

Skin Crime – “Eyestrain Pt 2” – Eyestrain (Self Abuse Records)

Mauthausen Orchestra – “Part Two” – Mafarka (Aquilifer Sodality; re-issue on Officina Fonografica Italiana)

Redrot – “Crawling Dead Sex” – Psycho Bondage (BloodLust!)

Atrax Morgue – “A Quiet Night Of Murder” – Spasmosynthetics (Labyrinth Recordings)

Sigillum S – “Two Miniskirted Scorpions Digitally Mating On A Platform” – Studs And Divinity (Minus Habens Records; re-issue on Monochrome Vision)

Intrinsic Action – “II” – II (self-released; re-issue on BloodLust!)

Keith Rowe/Graham Lambkin – “Wet B” – Making A (Erstwhile Records)

Grisha Shakhnes – “Leaving Traces In A Living Light” – Leave/Trace (Glistening Examples)

Olivia Block – “Foramen Magnum” – Karren (Sedimental)

Luc Ferrari – “Presque Rien No. 2 Ainsi Continue La Nuit Dans Ma Tete Multiple” – Presque Rien No. 2 (INA-GRM)/Presque Rien (Recollections GRM) 

Tom White – “Corrugated Community” – Corrugated (Imminent Frequencies)