Voter Registration Around the Peralta Colleges

Chances are, if you've been around the Peralta colleges lately, you've been offered a chance to register to vote or sign petitions to get ballot initiatives approved. Nicolas Guillermo was at Merritt College on February 10th with voter registration applications in hand, as well as petitions for 14 different ballot initiatives. He says that the Donor Disclosure Initiative is one that is most important to him:

"I really like the statute, which I find just hilarious. It objectively accomplishes the goal-- if we want to know who's funding a candidate, why not make them wear the identity of the sponsors on their jacket like a Nascar driver? But the strongest one is the constitutional amendment, it's called the Voter's Right to Know Act, and it's located at That one is so that the super PACs, which today are allowed to hide where they get their money from, would be audited and exposed."

These are just a few of the initiatives up for the California ballot. You can find more information on other initiatives and make sure you're registered to vote at The last day to register to vote in California is May 23rd, 2016.