ESOL Class with Anna Cortesio: Final Class Projects about Happiness

KGPC was so lucky to be able to be a part of Laney College's ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) class final projects! Find projects with Chelsea Cohen's class here

During the Fall 2016 semester, the Intermediate Listening and Speaking Students at Laney College conducted a semester-long study of films, videos and documentaries related to positive psychology, the science of happiness. For their final projects, they created these radio clips to share what they have learned with the greater Peralta community. Our students are English Language Learners from all around the world. They come from China, Colombia, Guatemala, Laos, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Taiwan, Sudan, Hong Kong, Burma, Iraq, Eritrea, and Vietnam.

Houda Jay Koraichi, Blanca Suarez, Phutthasen “Jimmy” Vilaydeth and Liqiong “King” Zhou offer tips on how to live healthier and happier lives.

José Chavez and Urias Gonzalez tell us how to prevent some common health problems and highlight a non-profit organization doing good work in our community.

Did you know that spending time in nature can increase your happiness? Jazmín Angeles Alvarez, XinXin “Vicky” Huang and Ying Xue discuss the benefits of spending time in nature and tell us about their favorite outdoor spaces in the Bay Area.

Phuong Duong, Cuilong “Shirley” Lei, YiDa Li, An Thi Thai and Weixiong “Jimmy” Wu explain the importance of good relationships for a healthy and happy life.

Barsbold “Billy” Ganbaatar, Li “Emily” Liu, Cong Nguyen, Cuong “Galvin” Nguyen and XinChu Yao talk about the characteristics of healthy relationships and give us some tips on how to improve our relationships with the people in our lives.