Episode #165

Zanagoria - Cancrizzante In Ritmo
Nomadia - Acid Side (Excerpt)
Emily A. Sprague - Piano 2
Yosuke Tokunaga - Chair
Gerfreid Feistritzer - Ki
sn - Diavolana
M. Geddes Gengras - The Pump at the Way Station
Iona Fortune - White Tigress
Oskar Sala/Münchener Kammerorchester - Lied, Ruhig Bewegt
Abderrahim Souiri with Orchestre Mohamed Briouel - Mawwal
Young Paint & Actress - Twisty Paint
Bill Callahan - Altar Valley
Ahmed Ag Kaedy - Asin Oral
Emily A. Sprague - Your Pond
Steve Hillage - Garden of Paradise
O Yujki Conjugate - Shallow
Michael Klentec - Solea
Nomadia - Smoke Side (excerpt)
Helm - Chemical Flowers
Nomadia - Smoke Side (excerpt)
Yosuke Tokunaga - Bed
Leyland Kirby - They Are All Dead, There Are No Skip At Alll
Janet Bray & Edie Hartshorne - The Mystery Within (Side B)