Show Descriptions

The Big Payback
Dr. Cyclops "The Funk Technician" brings you the best in un-cut funk, hip-hip and R&B while highlighting music events from around the Bay Area. 

Bassline Mantras
Forward thinking music in a digital language best spoken by subwoofers. Bay Area native musical selector, Dropper, takes you on a journey through the sounds of today's most innovative, underground electronic music.

Black Beat Bay Area
BLACK BEAT BAY AREA: THE FLO WILEY SHOW is about African Americans in arts and entertainment and features information on music, dance, theater, film and visual arts events, a music playlist of classic jazz, r&b, blues, and classical masterpieces,  and interviews with the celebrity personalities that are making the arts come alive in the Bay Area.  BBBA is independently produced and hosted by Oakland native Florene Wiley.

Character Study
Character Study is an in-depth discussion of the popular Nintendo video game series Super Smash Brothers, where comedians Tirumari Jothi and Jacob Rubin banter on the playable characters from the hit game. Taken from a casual gamer perspective, Character Study offers a remarkable level of insight and comedy to these characters.

Date Talk
How can a man and a woman go on the same date and have completely different experiences? Cheryl White and Ira Summer interview each other's first dates. Laugh along with them as they discuss and banter, trying to figure it out.

East Bay Oldies
Exploring a wide range of rock and roll from the 50's to the early 80's- hit tunes and lost classics. East Bay Oldies also features music from the roots of rock and roll to illustrate its influence on todays artists. 

Feel Alright

A show highlighting feeling good, good feelings, easy jammin reggae music and Jamaican proverbs. Call in during the second half of the show and chat with Aldane about how your feelin'. Friday feels, the first Friday of every month at 3:00pm.

Ground Level Perspective
Interviews with Bay Area organizers, activists and entrepreneurs. Hosted by two Oakland natives, Katrece Raine and Kymm Wilson.

Healthier Futures                                                                                                                  A conversation about whole-person health and wellness for Black women. We discuss all the ways Black women can promote health through simple and sustainable self-care, both individually and collectively. We feature women who dare to live vibrant, healthy lives and who believe their stories can inspire others to do the same. 

Oakland Bikes
The intersection of bikes and race, gender and class in the Bay Area. Touching on themes of environmental justice, mobility for all, representation of gender and inclusion. Some shows focus solely on creative projects and music. Tune in to see what's up!

Pop Offensive
Global pop maniacs Todd Stadtman and Jeff Heyman bring you a foot stomping mix of retro dance, pop, and film music from around the world. Everything from JPop to Ye Ye, James Bond to Bollywood, Glam Stomp to Pop Yeh Yeh, Mexican Rockenrol to Cantopop. It's all here!

How do we shift our political views on criminal justice, climate change, and abortion? How do we overcome racism and homophobia? How do we recover from alcoholism and other forms of addiction? Reckonings explores how people fundamentally change their hearts and minds. Guests range from policymakers to high school students, and business leaders to artists — all of whom share a willingness to wrestle with transformation. 

Straight From The Crate
Rex Stone and Blu-Thousand Devin bring you Straight From The Crate. An eclectic journey through music for audiofiles of all genres, whether you love funk, rock, rap or whatever, we got it. 

These odd songs presented by DJ Timber aka Aaron Harbour. Constantly digging up the new and the old, for you.

Past KGPC Shows:

Comedian Rhapsody
Featuring local comedians talking about music: favorite albums, concert experiences, celebrity limits. 

Berkeley Community College Latin American Club
Latin American Club is a student organization that originates from Berkeley City College. Promoting Latinos to empower each other to strive forward in their education and embrace their culture. The club is here to bridge the gap between day to day struggles and lifelong success. The LAC has dedicated their time to sharing Latino culture with the community. Utilizing a platform like KGPC gives members a place to share their life story and experiences while standing proud of their heritage and culture. Unity begins here.

The Electric Velvet Sound
Showcasing forgotten, obscure and underground music from around the world. 

Form Destroyer
Noise, drone, analog and experimental. 

Host Sam Spano spins an eclectic mix of sounds transcending decades and continents, liquids and plasmas. From soul and r n’b, punk to funk, heady classics, and silky soundtracks, each episode is sure to attune your mind and body.

In Tents
In Tents spans a wide range of genres and time frames. Soundtracks, Metal, Punk, Jazz, Reggae, Techno, House, Kraut, Hardcore and whatever else will be played in succession with little regard for length or BPM.

Sweet Valley Highjack
Bay Area music scene Veteran Zola Goodrich and Olympia funny girl Jen Balch bring you Sweet Vally Highjack. Playing Punk, Indie, Psychedelic, and Mom Rock. Weekly guests include comic book writers and artists, musicians, and comediennes. Good tunes & times guaranteed. 

Townie Tunes with Spensaur Cooper
Oakland-native Spensaur Cooper scours East Bay record bins for the latest jammers and lost gems. Fluctuating from Punk to Latin Jazz, Hip-Hop to Bebop, 60's Soul to 80's Metal, Spensaur creates a 2 hour block as diverse as his hometown. 

Tripping Out
Tripping Out is the brain child of Kit Friday, a veteran traveler and DJ. Bringing you punk, grunge and rock from the four corners of the world, this is your audio passport.