Send in your Pitches for Spring 2019!

Hey there, audiophiles. We are currently accepting pitches for new shows.

If you have an interesting show idea or concept and want to bring it to life on the airwaves of KGPC, then fill out this form and send it in! Shows are subject to FCC rules/regulations and station time length standards. Other than that the sky is the limit.

The pitch window is December 1, 2018 to January 31st, 2019.

We can’t wait to read your submissions!


Radio Show! Podcast! What's the difference?!

We are amidst what could conceivably be the second golden age of radio, catalyzed by the internet, whose existence, for better or worse, can largely be seen the savior of radio--mostly because of the podcast. 

"Podcast?" you ask. "Is that like a radio show?" you muse. 

Sort of.

We find ourselves explaining the difference between a radio show and podcast often enough that this blog post feels both needed and responsible. 

A radio show is not a podcast. A radio show is a show that is produced and aired live on a station. It is the same length in time when it goes to air. It can be pre-recorded, produced, finished, and then aired on the radio and it is still a radio show. Think about nationally syndicated programs such as 99% Invisible, This American Life, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, or RadioLab. These are pre-recorded, highly produced programs that air on your favorite radio station at specific day and time. They shows will adhere to special FCC profanity and content rules.

A radio show can be podcasted (yes that's a word). This is not an archive. An archive is where past programs are stored for on-demand listener access. The shows usually aren't modified. A podcasted version of a radio show has been edited to include content that isn't allowed on the airwaves. Usually swear words or graphic discussions about sex, abuse or violence. Sometimes podcasts can be shortened or super long versions of any given show. And sometime a podcasted show might be something that is recorded, produced, finished and never even hits the airwaves. It just lives on the show's website. 

'But wait! Isn't that an archived show?!" you ask. No. Because it never aired live on the airwaves, isn't being saved in an unaltered version and could include language or subject matter that isn't allowed by the FCC to be broadcasted. Stuff that is obscene, indecent or profane.

So what's a podcast, then? 

A podcast is audio only. Sometimes it could have a companion video. I see you, This American Life and StoryCorps. Podcasts have a name. Some podcasts are: The Heart, The Racist Sandwich, S-Town, Love and Radio, the Mental Illness Happy Hour, 2Dope Queens, and the list goes on.

Podcasts are episodic. They could be serialized, thematic, character driven, whatever. A podcast should have episodes. If there is a only one episode, then it's a story, project, documentary, interview, again--whatever. The episodes can be released at regular intervals, but they don't have to be. The episodes can be the same length but they don't have to be.

Podcasts are usually pre-recorded and highly produced--but not always. When starting out, audio engineers and producers should not expect to be able to create something that sounds like RadioLab. One episode of RadioLab can cost up to $100,000.00USD to make. I assume this partly has to do with the fact that sometimes producers will rewrite a RadioLab script 47 times. These are some things I overheard at Third Coast last year. 

Podcasts can be accessed almost everywhere. On websites, on iTunes, on Soundcloud, on PRX, on Stitcher, everywhere. Radio show archives, are usually accessed on the website of their home station (WNYC, WBEZ, KALW, KQED, KPCC, NPR), but they might have their own website too. Radio shows will always station ID, a la "from WHYY, this is..." or "from WNYC, this is..." A podcast never has to station ID, but if they're getting support from a station, it's considered rude if they don't. Some stations will also require it. It's pretty common these days that a podcast will have a fiscal sponsor (or sponsors). ZipRecruiter anyone?

At KGPC-LP we host both podcasts and radio shows. We air the following podcasts: Reckonings, Esto no es radio, East Bay Yesterday and Original Voices. We have two live call-in shows: Date Talk Live and Feel Alright. The rest of our shows are produced live in studio and rebroadcasted at different times throughout the week. Stay tuned as we add even more shows to our show roster this fall! 

If you want to start a show or launch podcast with KGPC, fill out our pitch page

To learn more about making radio, read all the articles on, a fantastic resource for all your audio educational needs. Or reach out to us at kgpc969(at)gmail(dot)com!

Over and out.


Currently accepting pitches for Fall shows!

 Renyea Colvin (left), host of  Healthier Futures .

Renyea Colvin (left), host of Healthier Futures.

Hey there! Do you have a great idea for a show?! Are you interested in being part of an amazing community of radio makers who know absolutely everything about one topic?! Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but it sure seems like it sometimes.

Whether your passion is video games, bicycles, 60's soul, or the genre called funk, there's a space for you at KGPC-LP. Submit your pitch now and we'll review it for our next wave of new show openings in the Fall! We're aiming for about five new shows, give or take and would love to hear from you! 

-Peralta Community Radio, YOUR community radio station.

Write a Thank You Email!

Write the Chancellor and Board of Trustees a Thank You Letter!

Chancellor Laguerre assured us at last week's board meeting on June 12th, that he was not making cuts to the radio station and that contractors would have their contracts signed for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

Check out the highlights in this video clip one of our DJ's made! You can see the full meeting here:

Please join us in writing the chancellor and the board of trustees, a thank you letter! Express your deep gratitude to them for preserving a true community and student resource that took 10 years to secure and could be lost forever. Let the board know that you appreciate their leadership in ensuring that KGPC-LP remains on the airwaves! Additionally, remind Chancellor Laguerre that it is important he keep his word to meet with the KGPC-LP co-directors to sign their contracts in time to keep the radio station running into the new fiscal year.

Send them an email this week and tell the Board of Trustees and chancellor that you look forward to seeing the radio contracts on the June 26th board meeting next week!

In community,

Co-Directors, Peralta Community Radio Station



Peralta Board of Trustees Meeting


June 12, 2018

333 E. Eighth Street,

Oakland, Ca, 94606

Dear Peralta Students, Peralta Faculty, KGPC DJ's and Community Members,

We need your help! KGPC, Peralta Community Radio, is in danger of losing all staffing on July 1, 2018! The district is intending to drastically reduce funding immediately, to KGPC, Peralta Community Radio and the Department of Public Information and Media Communications, as part of a general reduction in department budgets.

The proposed 2018-2019 budget for our department does not provide enough funding to staff KGPC Radio beginning July 1, 2018. Our direct services to students, teachers, and staff, and the broader East Bay community will cease. This includes over 100 English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) students we served in the 2017-2018 school year, student DJ’s and community professionals. If we don’t receive adequate funding, we will no longer be able to provide free and easy access to media creation for the East Bay and Peralta communities.

I’m writing to you because you are a KGPC DJ, you've benefited from KGPC's free and easy access to broadcast media, or you are part of the broadcasting community. KGPC is a landmark station in the East Bay, as one of the few "LP-FM" stations recently licensed by the FCC, something which the FCC may not do again, ever. We directly serve the Peralta Community Colleges students, faculty and staff, East Bay cities and international audiences that listen to our streaming broadcast.

We could potentially lose the FCC license that took 10 years to secure. All the time, money and effort spent to secure the license, build the site and install the antenna, will be for naught.

But we have one last shot!

Please attend the Board of Trustees meeting this coming Tuesday June 12th at 7:00pm and tell the Board of Trustees that community radio is an important part of the Peralta Community College system, AND the East Bay. Tell the Board how you've benefited personally from KGPC-LP. Communicate why local public radio is so very important and crucial to the health and vibrance of our communities!

Please arrive 60 to 30 minutes early in order to fill out a card and pack the boardroom! The building is the first on the right. Enter through two sets of double doors, the meeting room will be on your right.

Please ask the board to continue the past precedent of providing adequate funding for the necessary contractor positions at the Peralta Community College District's Department of Public Information and Media Communications, specifically television and radio.

We will help you fill out a public comment card to speak on the behalf of KGPC-LP, Peralta Community Radio or fill out a public comment card in order to cede time to another speaker. Each speaker is allowed two minutes to speak. A speaker is allowed more time if another speaker cedes their time. You must fill out the card and be on a list to speak or have time available to cede. If you plan to speak and are a student or faculty member please let that be known when addressing the board!

I plan to speak at length, I hope you do too.

If you are unable to attend, please write a letter of support for KGPC, addressed to Jowel C. Laguerre, Ph.D (

You can also email the Peralta Board of Trustees and voice your support for KGPC:

Please show up. Please support Peralta students and faculty. Please support local community radio. Please share this with your networks widely.

In community,

Katie Styer

Co-Director, Peralta Community Radio Station

Aaron Harbour

Co-Director, Peralta Community Radio Station

Katherine Mondo

Co-Director, Peralta Community Radio Station



We have a bunch of new shows!

We have a bunch of new shows!
  • The Alejo and Xavier Poli Podcast: Two BCC students (Alejo & Xavier) talking politics! First and third Thursdays at 5pm.
  • El show de Aurea: Our first show in (mostly) Spanish! Also by a BCC student, Aurea Altamirano. First and third Wednesdays at 3:30.
  • Femme FM: A feminist talk and music show hosted by Peralta student Camellia Lee and co-host Prianka Misra! Third Thursdays at 6pm.
  • Oakland Bikes!: Katie Styer brings Interviews about bikes AND has a live local band every show! First and third Tuesdays at 7.


Martin Luther King Day Special

Martin Luther King Day Special

How does today's Black Lives Matter Movement compare to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s leadership of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s? Can BLM be informed by MLK's legacy?

Tonight at 7pm, KGPC will be airing an interview with Dr. Clarence Jones, an advisor and advocate to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We'll also be talking with Jarrod Sport, who produced the interview.

Dr. Clarence Jones was integral in shaping Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech, and Jones is responsible for the "promissory note" metaphor in the speech. According to MLK, "This note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

We're Featuring New Podcasts!

We Have New Live Shows!

  • Anna Buschman is a 60s vinyl DJ all over Oakland and is in an all female pinball league. Her new show is amazing. Check it out: Featured Females and the Mystery Tunes. Next live show Monday the 7th at 7pm.
  • Christie Levine is a Peralta student and upcoming radio extraordinaire! She has been featured on KQED and will be hosting The Happy Hour, a show about positive news in the media. Her first live show will stream online at 1pm on November 16th!